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Dental clinic in jaipur Dental clinic in rajasthan

Dental Treatments

  Cosmetic Dentistry
  full mouth rehabilitation
  Lingual frenectomy (Tongue Tie)
  Root Canal Treatments
  Tooth Replantation
  Analyze Your Smile
  Other Dental Treatments (list)

Other Treatments

  Occupational Therapy
  speech therapy
  Prosthotics & Orthotics
  Other Therapy Treatments (list)
Dental clinics in jaipur
Dental clinic in jaipur

Here at DrJeph’s Clinic in Jaipur our goal is to welcome every patient into the DrJeph’s family and ensure that you receive the very best in modern private dentistry available today. Our primary purpose is to provide the highest quality care to all our patients. Each patient deserves our focused attention and best effort to make this experience one that stands far above the rest. Our practice depends on the quality of the relationship we build with our patients.

DrJeph’s Clinic is one of the very first & very few ISO 9001:2008 certified clinic across the country providing all type of Dental, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy and Orthotics & Prosthotics treatments at one roof. We believe that certain works need to receive certain treatment by certain specialists. Consequently, most of DrJeph’s team and staff members are experts in their own specialized fields, i.e. orthodontics specialists, esthetics dentist specialists, Implant specialists, Physiotherapy Specialist and Speech Therapy Specialist. Our patient coordinator team always treats patients with warm hospitality.


With the team of professional dentists and dental specialist who have a passion for the science of dentistry and the art of cosmetic dentistry. DrJeph’s Clinic goal is to restore your optimal dental health within our state-of-the-art facilities and comfortable and relaxing environment. We offer the perfect combination of the innovative dentistry and the most comfortable dentist treatment while maintaining the strictest sanitary and sterilization techniques. Sterilization and cleanliness is the highest priority for us. Our dentist and dental specialist team is committed to developing an individual relationship with you to cater to your specific dentistry.


DrJeph’s Clinic is established on the basis of providing top quality manual and active therapy with a great emphasis on patient education. Our clinic is operated by a registered physiotherapist who appreciates and understands what it takes to provide quality care.  By Choosing DrJeph’s Clinic you are getting highly skilled therapists that will focus their attention on your needs thus allowing you to heal faster and be more informed of your condition.

Occupational Therapy

DrJeph’s clinic provides specialized treatment in occupational therapy and through participation in the treatment program, each person can improve their quality of life, raise their self-esteem and develop positive ways to minimize the impact of their illness or injury.

Through the rehabilitation process, we pride ourselves in encouraging active patient and family participation within a framework of cooperative team spirit and patient education.

In addition, frequent ongoing communication with the referring physician is essential to completing the team process. You can be assured of quality care with the DrJeph’s Occupational Therapists team.

Speech Therapy

One in ten children and young people has a speech and language difficulty. Many adults can also have problems with talking for a whole host of reasons. Problems with communication cannot be seen, and yet they affect every aspect of our lives.

DrJeph’s clinic Speech and Language Therapists offer our clients a safe place to talk freely about their speech problems, without criticism.

Orthotics & Prosthotics

Independence is the number one goal of nearly all the patients we see at DrJeph’s Clinic and it is our goal to make it happen. Our highly trained, experienced and compassionate team is on the leading edge of technology, using the most innovative devices and techniques available today.

Our experienced team members will work with you and your family, to evaluate your needs and recommend the best device to fit your needs, function and lifestyle.

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